Why It’s Great to be a Bulldawg These Days

Obviously, I’ve not been posting much lately, but I’m trying to change that. Work and family obligations come up and since I’m the only one maintaining this site, the responsibilty falls on me to update it. Anyways, the reason for this post is that I keep seeing on various message boards and blogs is about how overrated these Bulldogs are this year and they are not a great team. Messages like “Bulldogs are overrated, the higher the ranking, the higher the fall”. To all those spitting the vitriol, I say “BRING IT ON”. For the better part of my 25 years on this Earth, autumn Saturdays in Athens have been a regular tradition. And also for the better part of my 25 years, the Bulldogs have been largely irrelevant not only in the national picture, but also the SEC picture. Sure, we had the occasional 1992 or 1997 seasons to perk up our hopes, but for most of my life I’ve known mediocrity, underachieving teams, incompetent coaches, boneheaded plays, freakish calls, and all the rest that has gone with this previously dormant program. And you know what, for all the badmouthing about this team, I’ve never enjoyed being a Bulldog fan and alum more than I have this past 11 months beginning in Jacksonville last year. For once, our team is relevant outside of the Georgia stateline. Other schools in the SEC now see us as a team that should they beat us, they’ve accomplished something. It’s like Florida in the mid-90’s, Tennessee in the late-90’s and LSU for the better part of this decade. This last 11 months have really made me realize how lucky we are as a team to have a coach like Mark Richt. There are a lot of Bulldog fans out there very shortsighted that don’t remember years like 1994 and losing to Tech, Tennessee, and Florida regularly. I do remember and that’s what makes these days that much sweeter. You know, there’s a chance the Dawgs could fall flat on their collective faces this year and screw the pooch by losing three or four games. Then all those Tech, Auburn, Florida, Tennessee, and Carolina haters will come out of the woodworks proclaiming how overrated we were and we never deserved those lofty expectations. And they’d be right. But you know what. Right, now I wouldn’t have it any other way and I’m going to enjoy this season no matter what happens. Because in the end we are so much better off now as a program than we have been since a guy named Herschel decided to test the professional waters as a junior. My fellow Dawg fans, it has never been better to be a Dawg and as long as Coach Richt is at the helm, I don’t see these level of expectations dropping anytime soon. We have become what we so wanted to be; the team that contends for titles every year. And we haven’t been able to say that for awhile. Folks, it’s gonna be a great ride no matter what happens this year and we are in good hands for the years to come.

Go Dawgs!

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