An early look at Kentucky

Just some SEC rankings for fodder:

UGA – #1 in total offense, Kentucky – #7 in total defense
UGA – #9 in total defense, Kentucky – #8 in total offense
UGA – #4 in scoring offense, Kentucky – #6 in scoring defense
UGA – #10 in scoring defense, Kentucky – #7 in scoring offense
UGA – #5 in rushing offense, Kentucky – #8 in rushing defense
UGA – #2 in rushing defense, Kentucky – # 8 in rushing offense
UGA – #1 in passing offense, Kentucky – # 5 in passing defense
UGA – #11 in passing defense, Kentucky # 7 in passing offense
Don’t know what all that means, but these teams are pretty average in a lot of categories.  UGA ranks in the top half of all offensive categories, but in the lower half in all defensive categories except for rushing.  Kentucky is pretty much middle of the pack in all major statistical categories.  On paper, this game looks like it shouldn’t be close.  But as the old saying goes, “That’s why they play the games”.
Hopefully we won’t see that Saturday.  More on this match up tomorrow.

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