Come on Coach

This post is a couple of days behind, but I figured I should get my .02 in on it.  Most of you saw this report coming out of LA this week.  Let me preface my thoughts by admitting that this isn’t the first time Carroll’s mentioned that he thinks “the BCS stinks”.  It just seems that his cry got a little louder this past week when his team dropped from 5 to 7 in the most recent BCS standings despite pitching another shutout.  Well Coach, I’ve got a little advice for you.  Quit losing to teams that you’re favored to beat by 20 points and we won’t have any issues!!  I’m sorry Pete, nobody is that impressed by you shutting out and blowing out Washington State or Washington this year.  Those two might be the worst two teams in the history of the BCS era.  Wazzu has given up 60+ points in 4 of its conference games this year for crying out loud!  Coach, if you had not lost to Oregon State back in September, we wouldn’t be having this convo.  If you were undefeated and you dropped a couple of spots after last weekend, then you might have some legitimate beef.  On the other hand, you wouldn’t have dropped if you were undefeated because USC is considered the OMG Best Team Ever in the voters’ eyes.  I appreciate your frustration Coach.  My alma mater, the Georgia Bulldogs, dropped from preseason #1 to #3 in both the AP and Coaches’ Polls this year despite destroying the first two teams played this season.  Those voters are a fickle bunch.  I’ve got some news for you though. It ain’t the voters hurting you, it’s the computers.  You of all people should know that your team can’t afford to lose a game in the cupcake that’s better known as the Pac-10 because your SOS is terrible (see the shaft your team got in 2003).  Oh, I know you play those real difficult out of conference games against mighty heavyweights like UVA and Notre Dame to enhance your reputation.  In reality, the ACC is a conference mired in mediocrity without a truly elite team, and Notre Dame is still coached by Charlie Weis, which means they’re average at best.  Sure, that Ohio State demolition was impressive, but we all know that Ohio State decides to stink it up anytime the spotlight is on.  In closing; you can’t lose to a 4-3 Pac-10 team that was destroyed by Penn State and lost its season opener in convincing fashion to a pretty damn mediocre Stanford team and have any beef with the current BCS system, okay??


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