One Time Only

Other than this one post, I’d like to keep politics out of this blog because it tends to lead to irresponsible posting, name-calling, and just plain silliness.  I think that in light of the election this week I should make my thoughts known.  I commented on Doug’s site this week regarding some of the fears and criticisms I’ve heard regarding our new President-elect.  Trust me, I don’t like Socialism anymore than the next person, but I feel some of this criticism and fear is unfair and unwarranted.  Below is what I posted to Doug’s site.  

(BTW, I didn’t vote for Obama before anyone starts ripping me for my below comments.)
“The South Park episode last night really hit the nail on the head.  There’s extreme jubilation on one side, and extreme fear on the other.  It’s sad to me that America has become so polarized.  I will preface this comment by saying that I don’t see eye to eye with most of Obama’s beliefs, but to judge a man’s performance before he’s ever been given the chance is just silly.  Many people cringe when Supreme Court justices are assigned, but if you follow history, those that were tagged as “too liberal” tend to be more conservative, and vice-versa.  Obama said it best when he said we are not identified by Republican/ Democrat/ white/ black/ gay/ straight.  We are all Americans.  If you think Obama is wrong for the country, let him prove it himself and vote him out in four years.  He has at least earned that chance.  I just ask that people give the man a chance to succeed.  When we look back in four years we should ask ourselves the same question Ronald Reagan posed to us in 1980, “are you better off than you were four years ago?”.  If not, then vote him out.  But if you are better off in four years, then a lot of this early criticism is just silly.”
That was my post.  Some will agree, many will disagree.  I just think that people have forgotten that in the end, we are all Americans and not just “conservatives” or “liberals”.  We’re in this thing together.
Okay, off my soap box now and back to more important things like Georgia football and hot women.  That’s the last serious political reference you’ll get from me on this site.  All others will be in jest and humor.
Update:  Ally has a nice take over at her site.

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