UGA 42 Kentucky 38; Initial kneejerk reaction with no thought put into it

Georgia wins today in Lexington. After last week, this game did not provide the soul soothing blowout that Georgia fans were looking for. The Dawgs have serious, serious problems on the defensive side of the ball. There’s absolutely no reason an injury-depleted, freshman-laden Kentucky team should put up 38 points on the scoreboard. I’ve been a Willie Martinez apologist for a few years now, but this game was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. FIRE. WILLIE. MARTINEZ NOW. Not tomorrow, not at the end of the season, not in 30 minutes, I mean now! Special teams looked lackluster at best. The offense turned the ball over at untimely moments that allowed short field for Kentucky to work with. Sound familiar??? On the bright side, Mo Mass made up for two fumbles with a huge 77 yard reception to set up the final score. The defense did bail out Mo Mass’s fumbles with two 3 and outs. Matt Stafford didn’t turnover the ball once and looked like a Big 12 QB out there throwing for 376 yards with 3 TD’s. Knowshon broke 100 and rushed for 3 TD’s. I guess in the end, a win is a win, but I’m not inspired at all by this team’s play. Many have said, but I’m now convinced that SEC referees are out to get UGA. I mean, how many momentum changing penalties can be called on one team?? I suppose it could be worse. You could be these guys. More on this game tomorrow. I’m too emotionally worn down for anything else.

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