An early look at Auburn

Just some SEC rankings for fodder:

UGA – #1 in total offense, Auburn – #7 in total defense
UGA – #8 in total defense, Auburn – #8 in total offense
UGA – #2 in scoring offense, Auburn – #4 in scoring defense
UGA – #11 in scoring defense, Auburn – #10 in scoring offense
UGA – #5 in rushing offense, Auburn – #9 in rushing defense
UGA – #3 in rushing defense, Auburn – # 6 in rushing offense
UGA – #1 in passing offense, Auburn – # 4 in passing defense
UGA – #10 in passing defense, Auburn # 9 in passing offense

Don’t know what these numbers really tell me. Looks like UGA’s passing defense won’t bite them in the butt this weekend as the forward pass is something that hasn’t been seen in Auburn since 2005. Both teams are getting lit up on the scoreboard this year. Auburn is middling in all offensive categories while UGA is middle to bottom in all defensive categories except rushing defense. At the beginning of the year, Auburn was supposed to have the meanest D in the land, but the numbers don’t seem to back that up. Right now, UGA’s offense has been putting up some monster stats that aren’t always translating to the scoreboard. More analysis to come later this week. The big stat that can’t be mistaken is the fact that this is going to be the Raycom Sports game. Auburn tends to not wake up in time for those games as they start at 11:30, local time.

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