Mumme Poll, Week 12

Posting’s been pretty light the last week. I’m trying to wrap up an audit at one of my clients so real life has taken some precedent. Here’s my Mumme Poll for Week 12. The results for the poll are located here. Top five noted by asterisk, explanations to follow:

Texas Tech*
Oklahoma State
Penn State
Ohio State

– Florida is the best team in the country right now. They are playing at a level that hasnʼt been seen since the Nebraska teams of the mid-90s. Sure upsets can happen (see Ole Miss), but I honestly donʼt see the point for the teams left on their schedule to even show up right now. Not one team left on their schedule will stay within 21 points of this team, Alabama and whatever Big 12 team they play in the MNC game included.

– Alabama gave a scare for one half after Miss. St. went up 7-5, but ended up pulling away and blowing them out mostly due to special teams play and defense. Has there been a more unimpressive QB on a national title contender in recent years (Craig Krenzel & Matt Mauk included)?

– Texas Tech remains in the top five during the bye week. Weʼll know more about the MNC after Saturday when they play Oklahoma. They surely will be underdogs and we can see if the pirate power can stand up for one more big time game before the Big 12 championship.

– Texas took care of business against Kansas and besides Florida is still the most impressive one loss team in America.

– Oklahoma remains in the top five after dispatching a helpless Texas A&M team this weekend. They have a good chance to get back in the MNC carousel if they can beat Texas Tech this weekend. Iʼm guessing Oklahoma will be about a seven point favorite or so.

– Oklahoma State took care of a tougher than expected Colorado team and are probably the best of the two loss teams at this point.

– USC remains in the top twelve after fighting off another scare from the Cardinal and pulling away in the second half. This teamʼs defense could keep it in the game against just about anyone. Iʼd love to see them play Florida if both miss out on the MNC.

– Missouri is in the top twelve after dispatching of Iowa State pretty handily on the road. They still have a chance to throw a wrench in the BCS if they should win the Big 12 title game.

– Utah destroyed San Diego State and the only thing between them and a BCS-at large bid is a game next week against BYU at home.

– Penn State stays in the top twelve during an idle week.

– Ohio State beat the Fighting ʽZookers on the road and other than the crap your pants effort at USC, this team hasnʼt looked half bad this season.

– Georgia is the last team in. It was a toss-up between them and Boise State for me. Boise State struggled on the road with a hapless Idaho team while Georgia struggled on the road with a hapless Auburn team. Iʼm more impressed by the Auburn struggle than the Idaho struggle, therefore Georgia gets the final spot. This team better spend the next two weeks learning to tackle or Jonathan Dwyerʼs going to make them look silly.

-I spent about 5 minutes compiling this as my ballot didnʼt change from last week.


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