Mumme Poll, Week 15

Here it is kids, my final Mumme Poll for the regular season. As always, top 5 noted by asterisk with explanations to follow:

Penn State
Texas Tech
Boise State
Ohio State
Oklahoma State

-Alabama is in top five despite the loss to Florida. They didnʼt get their doors blown off like I expected and showed that maybe they did deserve that #1 ranking. The game with Utah should be interesting, but I expect them to win fairly easily. Obviously, project #1 for Nick Saban has to be to figure out a way to throw the ball when needed. Once they get down two scores, they donʼt have much of a chance at coming back.

-Florida had their most impressive victory of the year IMO. Thatʼs the first team thatʼs not crapped its pants just because Florida was on the other sideline since Ole Miss. Iʼm impressed with this team this year and I wonder whether Oklahoma can beat them. They have the championship team mettle and that showed during the SEC game.

-Texas is still in top 5 after being idle. They get a consolation prize of the BCS punching bag known as Ohio State. Letʼs see them take out their frustrations on the sweater vests.

-Oklahoma obliterated another team. This teamʼs offense is clicking on all cylinders right now and showing no signs of slowing down. I wonder if the surgery on Bradfordʼs hand will affect him in the title game. Iʼm excited to see this team go up against an elite defense and see if they can still chuck it around like theyʼve been doing.

-Penn State is smelling roses. I still donʼt think they can beat Alabama or USC, so that keeps them out of the top five. Weʼll find out half of that assumption on New Yearʼs Day.

-Texas Tech sure fell off the map quick. Apparently Leach is target #1 for Auburn. I wonder how Bobby Lowder will respond to Pirate football. This team gets a chance to redeem itself against Ole Miss in the Cotton Bowl. That should be a good one.

-Utah is going to the Sugar Bowl. Hereʼs hoping they play more like Utah of ʽ04/Boise State ʼ06, than Hawaii ʼ07.

-Boise State remains in the top twelve after an unbeaten season, but no BCS dreams for them.

-Ohio State is going to the Fiesta Bowl. Hopefully because this game doesnʼt have national title implications riding on it, theyʼll actually show up and be competitive.

-TCU is in the top twelve. Maybe TCU deserves some national title credit. They along with Texas held the Oklahoma offense to its season low output of 35. Oh wait, they lost to Oklahoma. Nevermind then.

-This last spot was difficult to pick because Ball State decided to crap the bed against Buffalo. I mean who else are you going to put here. I went with Oklahoma State because they were the least embarrassed by Oklahoma in the last few weeks.

-This took about 10 minutes to compile as the only change from last week is Ball State being replaced by Oklahoma State. Itʼs been a fun ride this year. Iʼm curious to see how everything turns out after the bowls. Are we going to take it upon ourselves to crown a champion or are we going to be like the Coachesʼ Poll and automatically vote the BCS Title game winner?

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