If you thought what Auburn did was strange…

Ball State’s head coach, Brady Hoke, has taken the head coaching job at San Diego State. Is this really a move up? At best, it’s a lateral move. I don’t see the Mountain West as that more prestigious a conference than the MAC. People are making some silly decisions these days when it comes to coaches.

Update: (H/T Doc): Looks like San Diego State could possibly be tripling Hoke’s salary which right now stands at a relatively-speaking, paltry $240K. Pretty damn hard to turn down a 300% increase in salary. It certainly makes a lot more sense for the move. Also, I hear the weather in San Diego isn’t half bad.

2 responses to “If you thought what Auburn did was strange…

  1. Yeah, but SD State is in San Diego. Ball State is in Muncie. If that alone isn’t enough, SD State can do well getting USC’s leftovers. What will Ball State typically get? Ohio State’s leftovers?

  2. As I mentioned in the update, they are also offering three times his salary at Ball State. Pretty hard deal to turn down.

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