Georgia Basketball; Epic Fail Thusfar

I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve even said so before. Last night, the UGA men’s basketball team played an epic, OT thriller and lost on a last second half court. Their mighty opponent, you ask?

The mighty Texas A&M – Corpus Christi Islanders, of course!


Where does the basketball program go now? I realize it’s quite a knee jerk reaction to immediately place the blame on a coach, but seriously… This is the second loss this season to a team with hyphens in its name. I really don’t expect a lot when it comes to our basketball program. I realize that Georgia is, and always will be, a football first school. To use a quote from Damon Evans, there isn’t even a “blind spot” with this program. The perception outside is that it’s crap, and quite frankly the perception within the Bulldog Nation is that it’s crap.

Coach Felton got dealt one turd of a hand when he took the reclamation job from the pits of the Harrick downfall. He literally put up flyers in the dorms asking students to come out and walk on because he was so desperate for warm bodies. But we’re past that point now. The scholarship reductions are gone. No, the lack of talent is a product of kicking our most talented players off the team, or guys like Billy Humphrey having multiple run-ins with the law. I really don’t know where to go at this point, but it can’t get any worse, can it?

The only reason Coach Felton wasn’t on the chopping block last year was because of that miraculous run on GA Tech’s basketball court. Damon Evans didn’t tie his hands by making some contract extension to Felton, which was smart. My belief is that Felton was as good as gone otherwise. The way this team is playing right now, the NIT looks like a far reach. Heck, maybe we’ll turn it around and post some impressive showings in conference play. Right now, I’m just not seeing it. I implore you Coach. Please do not lose to Kennesaw. That would just give bragging rights to every stripper in Atlanta. (For those not in the know, next time you’re at the Cheetah or Pink Pony, ask the lady where she goes to school. I guarantee you she will say Kennesaw State.)

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