Those sure sound like fightin’ words to me

Tim Tebow has called out the Georgia Bulldogs at an auction last Friday night. (H/T: The Senator)

What Tebow wants, Tebow gets. A bid came in for $5,500. And part of the package the bidder won was what Tebow confidently stated as “four tickets to come watch us beat Georgia again.”

I don’t doubt the coaches will see this quote.  It damn well better be on the locker room bulletin board and it should be engraved on every workout machine in the weight room.  If this team didn’t have enough motivation after the disappointment of last year, this might provide a little extra fuel.

We can let Tebow have his fun right now.  Dude has a Heisman trophy and two national championship rings to boot. 

I’ll take my vengeance in the 49 mat drills reps this team is doing right now for every point they surrendered to Florida.  I’ll also take a side of Rennie Curran delivering bone-crushing hits on Mr. Tebow.  I’ll take my vengeance as a 1-2 record against Georgia as the starting QB at Florida.  It’s only February and I’m already pumped up about the showdown in Jacksonville this year.  October 31st can’t get here fast enough.


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