Why Do You Hate the Gators?

I got the idea from an interesting thread that was started by our friends over at Alligator Army.  Here was my response to the question:

I don’t hold some irrational hatred for Florida that causes me to deny the uber-eliteness that is that program right now. Florida has had a two decade run in football that schools not named USC or Alabama can only dream about. Not to mention the basketball titles a few years ago. No, my hatred is not due to “arrogant” fans or Tim Tebow or any of those things. My hatred for all things Florida is due to the fact that I first became a fan of college football during the early to mid-90s. If you remember, this is about the time that Vince Dooley decided the next great hire in Georgia history was Ray Goff and this was also about the time that Steve Spurrier decided to relentlessly pour it on the Bulldogs.

The losing thing is something I can deal with. Sure, it sucks to lose to your biggest rival, but it ain’t the end of the world. Life will go on the next day. The thing that stuck to me was how Spurrier seemed to take joy in agonizing the Bulldogs and basically beat the crap out of them just because he could. The sharp Ray “Goof” jabs didn’t help.

There’s certainly a level of envy associated with the hatred that gets thrown at Florida these days, but my hatred purely stems from that one man. Even though the old man is now at the coaches’ graveyard in Columbia, he is forever linked to the rise of the Florida football program from an after-ran to an elite program and on the way to the top he rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Now, had Georgia beat Spurrier a few more times in the 90s I may feel a little different.

But to answer your original question, that’s why I hate the Gators. Steve Spurrier, pure and simple.

So I now pose the question to you.  Why do you hate the Gators?  Let’s make this interesting, folks.

One response to “Why Do You Hate the Gators?

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    Thanks for the link.

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