A Little Baseball News

After a two warm-up series versus Presbyterian and Youngstown State, the Diamond Dawgs travelled across the country to being a 3-game series Friday with the Arizona Wildcats.  While Arizona is not as highly rated this year is in years past, they are a traditional baseball power, so this is a great test for the Dawgs.  The Dawgs romped 11-5 collecting 13 hits along the way.  It seems those Easton bats must be a little better than the Nike bats as this team has been on offensive fire all season long.  By all accounts, this Georgia team is supposed to be loaded, this year, but there’s that pesky odd year thing working against them this year.  Hopefully they can overcome it and make it back to the College World Series this year.

One response to “A Little Baseball News

  1. Yeh, I’m really hoping they can overcome that odd year thang! Last year’s run was too exciting. The sweep of ‘Zona was impressive. They’re not a huge perennial power like you said. But they went on the road and dominated. I like it!

    I also like the new digs you have here. Consider your link updated! : )

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