Still lurking, just been busy

I’ve been less than active with The Hobnail Boot lately, but I promise it is for good reason.  This Saturday I sit for the Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) section of the CPA Exam.  Hence I’ve been studying my butt off every free minute outside of work for the last four weeks and haven’t really had the time to devote to the ole’ blog.  I’ll probably pick up with writing next week, but then I need to start preparing for the Regulatory and Tax (REG) section of the Exam which I’ll be taking at the end of May.  As much as I love interacting with you guys, I’ve got to get these tests passed as I’ll be eligible for my license in a few months.  So as of right now, real life is taking much more precedent than the life I wish I had.

2 responses to “Still lurking, just been busy

  1. Mike in Valdosta

    How ironic you made this post on tax day.

    Good luck

    • Hah, I guess that was kind of ironic that I posted on tax day. What’s even more ironic is that I know absolutely nothing about income taxes, hence why I’m an auditor. Thanks for the well wishes.

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