Don’t say I never gave you a gift

For all the Georgia fans that are tired of the typical retort your Tech friends give you (“Rednecks!”) when you rib them about being on the nerdy side or the lack of attractive females on campus, I give you this:

That's one mean ponytail

That's one mean ponytail

This was the scene at Turner Field on Saturday as I attempted to enter the gates, but was thwarted by the rarest of animals, the redneck Tech fan.  Please notice the ponytail as it perfectly coils out of the back of his Tech hat and the grizzly man beard sporting in the front.  This rare beast tops off the ensemble with a Wal Mart bought Tech jersey.

To top off the appearance, this gentleman was being denied entrance to Turner Field because he “forgawt I had mah knife on mah”.  So here’s to you, Tech fans everywhere.   It’s true, Tech rednecks exist, and now I have visual evidence of this beast.  The funniest part of all this was the other person in this man’s group was just as ‘neck as him, but got away before I was able to catch a picture of a group of ‘neck Tech fans.

To steal a line from the Mayor.  I hate Tech.


2 responses to “Don’t say I never gave you a gift

  1. There’s nothing finer than a WalMart jersey. I actually had to send someone home from work earlier this week for taking casual day a little too far and sporting a WalMart Tampa Bay Bucs jersey.

  2. Chubby Chaser

    If you’ll excuse me, I have to go have lunch with Big Foot, the Easter Bunny, and a straight buy from Tech.

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