The Curious Case of Jeremy Jarmon

Dr. Saturday sums up what is a pretty sad case for Jeremy Jarmon of Kentucky.  If you haven’t seen the news, Jarmon was suspended for the entire year after testing positive for taking a banned substance which was revealed to be an over-the-counter dietary supplement he took to lose weight during the off season.  By all accounts, he is a good kid and manned up by attending the press conference and admitting what he did.

I have to agree with the Doc.  I find it difficult to believe that taking a dietary supplement in any way affects the competitive integrity similar to taking a steroid or growth hormone.  It seems the NCAA is going out of its way to make an example out of the kid.  The Doc also points out cases of arrests for trespassing and failed drug tests within the SEC as examples of how these cases are given some leniency at first rather than the boot.

I really feel for the kid because he seemed to make a genuine error in judgment that was not malicious in intent and is now going to lose his entire senior season and likely any chance at being drafted in the NFL come next April.  I realize the old adage that “rules are rules”, but I don’t believe this warrants an entire year suspension.

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