If you needed more evidence that Athens is teh awesome…

The roundtable at College Football News (H/T : Bernie) was posed the following question:

Q: If salary wasn’t a factor, where would you take over as head coach?

Hunter Ansley had the following response:

…But if I’m going to move somewhere and have to spend most of days in any one city, it’s Athens, Georgia. 

First of all, Mark Richt seems like a great boss, and although I’d probably burn those black jerseys when he wasn’t looking (after what happened in the Alabama game), I think it’d be great to be on the inside of those meetings to decide which motivational ploy to use next.

Then, there’s the fact that there’s not a cooler stadium than the one between the hedges.  Especially when you’re sitting in the East end zone watching the sun set over the north Georgia hills.  The city is incredible.  No better nightlife in any college town in the USA.  And in case you haven’t noticed, no one can compete with UGA’s co-eds.  The summer I lived in Athens was one of the best of my life. 

And just to top it all off, you’d get to coach in the strongest conference in the nation at a school that has a shot to end up in the BCS every year.

It’s comments like those that cause me to take a few minutes out of my stressful days and wonder why in the hell I ever left that place.  Damn, I miss college.




One response to “If you needed more evidence that Athens is teh awesome…

  1. Mike in Valdosta

    Almost makes one want to be a professor…

    Part of the Athens charm is most of us have to leave. A historic city with youthful energy.

    If the economy would support all of us it would, well it would be Atlanta.

    I love football, and I love Athens. Thank the good Lord I get to experience both 6 Saturdays most falls.

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