Some more early predictions

I’ve decided to follow up last week’s post on some of my general thoughts about this year’s edition of the Georgia Bulldogs with how I think the Bulldogs are going to fare in their regular season games this year.  Keep in mind that I’ll be adding a more detailed preview of each game during game week and that my thoughts here are very high-level.  Each game below with some brief explanation:

(1) Saturday, September 5th, Oklahoma State @ Stillwater, OK: Win

I’m just not buying it.  We heard this same talk two years ago about how Oklahoma State was such a great offense with a questionable defense that was going to give the Dawgs all they could handle.  The score, 35-14, was closer than the actual game.  Georgia dominated from the first snap and never looked back.  Give me the Georgia defense that showed up in the Capital One Bowl and I call this one a snoozer.  Georgia grinds the clock with the ground game and wins a low-scoring affair in Stillwater.

(2) Saturday, September 12th, South Carolina @ Athens, GA: Win

Even the most diehard South Carolina fans know the ebb and flow of this series as summed up by cocknfire over at Team Speed Kills:

Go ahead and pencil it into the record book: Georgia will once again win one of the most closely-fought games of the season. There’s more reason at this point to believe the Dawgs will have a stronger defensive effort, a better offensive line and a more productive rushing attack. No matter how interesting South Carolina makes it, Georgia almost always gets away.

Sadly for Carolina fans, this is what Georgia does.  They let the ‘Cocks sit around and play terribly against what should be an inferior opponent only to pull off some game-saving defensive play or a late score to win the game.  No doubt in my mind that this game is a W.

(3) Saturday, September 19th, Arkansas @ Fayetteville, AR: Win

This is being penciled as a trap game for the Dawgs and rightly so.  After a tough trip to Stillwater with a likely slobber-knocker at home against the Gamecocks, Georgia must once again travel west to face Arkansas.  Arkansas will be coming off a bye week and a week 1 exhibition game against an FCS foe.  While I’m a believer in Bobby Petrino and his offense (despite my raging hatred for the crap he pulled in Atlanta for which I hope he never gets another job), the defense for Arkansas was absolutely atrocious last year and I don’t see it getting any better this year.  This one may come down to whether the Dawgs have some gas left in the tank after two long travels out west.

(4) Saturday, September 26th, Arizona State @ Athens, GA: Win

This is not the same Arizona State team from last year.  In fact, this team may be worse than the team the Dawgs faced out in the desert last year.  Mark this one down, it won’t be close.  Arizona State will struggle to keep its QB upright and with no real defensive punch to speak of, this won’t be pretty.

(5) Saturday, October 3rd, LSU  @ Athens, GA: Win

And the gauntlet marches on with LSU and their army of crazy cajuns invading the Classic City.  If there was a team in the SEC with a defense less impressive then Georgia, it was the 5-loss LSU squad.  While I think this will be a close game, I believe it will come down to the better conditioned team as Georgia will have already played two conference games and made two trips of 1,000 miles.  LSU will have played one conference game with a trip to the West Coast and to Starkville to boot.  The Dawgs hold on to dear life as LSU makes a push at the end of the game and win a close one.

(6)  Saturday, October 10th, Tennessee @ Knoxville, TN: Win

When your former coach is making these kinds of comments (H/T: Blutarsky) regarding the quarterbacking situation, it doesn’t bode well.

We kind of screwed it up last year, honestly. We should have won eight or nine. Eight at least. They’re going to have to get great quarterback play or a lot better quarterback play.

The quarterback situation at Tennessee is bad and I see the first season of Lane Kiffin being very bumpy including a loss to the Dawgs.

(7) Saturday, October 17th, Vanderbilt @ Nashville, TN: Win

A second straight Saturday in the Volunteer State lends itself to a second straight win for Georgia and a much needed break the next week.  Come on, you didn’t honestly believe I’d pick Vandy to be the 1st loss, did ya?

(8) Saturday, October 24th, Bye Week: Win

After the opening gauntlet, the Dawgs need a big break to get ready for the annual showdown in Jacksonville.  A break before the Gators is always a win in my book.

(9) Saturday, October 31st, Florida @ Jacksonville, FL: Loss

On Halloween Saturday ghoulish things will happen as the Dawgs invade Jacksonville to face the top-ranked Gators with a chance to make a major move in the SEC East and the national title discussion only to see their hopes and dreams dashed once again by the Gators.  Tim Tebow plays all 22 positions, wins 52-0, and ascends to Heaven as he is needed for further circumcisions in 3rd world countries.  This causes Urban Meyer to write a book stating that Tebow’s ascension was a big deal and one that Meyer will not forget.  Meyer then doesn’t know how to handle this without using timeouts and is seen going Ronnie “AK-47” Wilson-style by firing a weapon aimlessly into the air.

(10) Saturday, November 7th, Tennessee Tech @ Athens, GA: Win


(11) Saturday, November 14th, Auburn @Athens, GA: Loss

The dreaded 1st year Auburn coach playing in Athens syndrome strikes again and Auburn wins between the Hedges.  This serves as Gene Chizik’s only memorable victory of the year as Auburn is on its way to another 5-7 season.

(12) Saturday, November 21st, Kentucky @ Athens, GA: Win

Same explanation as Tennessee Tech above.  This Kentucky team is bad.  Phil Steele picks them to finish last in the SEC East behind Vandy.  If the computers at Skynet, as Orson Swindle would say, believe this; ’nuff said.

(13) Saturday, November 28th, Georgia Tech @ Atlanta, GA: Win

During the 25 games of my lifetime between the two, Georgia leads the overall series 17-8.  During that time Georgia has a 9-3 record in Atlanta for a .750 winning clip.  During that same time period Georgia has had two seven game winning streaks with the longest that Tech could muster was three from 1998-2000 (all games that didn’t count due to ineligible players).  Paul Johnson is a damn good coach, but so is Mark Richt.  So I say to my Tech friends, enjoy it while it lasts.  Enjoy all the “45-42 Bwahahah” and “No-Show Moreno” comments.  You earned it for this one year.  I still find it sad and pathetic that as an overall fanbase you would rather see Georgia fail than Tech succeed, but I digress.  Revenge is a dish best served cold and on a cold Saturday in Atlanta this November, Mark Richt will pull out the Evil Richt we came to know and love in the autumn of 2007 and lay the wood to this team.  This one won’t even be close as Georgia rolls to put little brother back in its place.  I’ll leave this for the Tech fans to chew on.

Anyways, those are my fearless predictions for the regular season.  10-2 with both losses coming in-conference.  More later this week on the Oklahoma State game.

Update:  Well, apparently Youtube decided to pull the video down.  Anyways, it was Massqaoui’s TD and 2-point conversion from Stafford to beat GA Tech in 2006 with Larry Munson’s call.


4 responses to “Some more early predictions

  1. Come on…the Auburn curse…some times things are just a coincidence…this is one of them…streaks end…this one will end this season…as far as a season prediction, I’m going one of two ways…a loss at okie state equals a tough and disappointing season for the dawgs…but a win will build confidence, and it’s a momentum builder we can seriously use…bye week before playing UF at home equals win in my book…I’m not even expecting to see Tebow play in Jax…4 years as a running back in the SEC equals battered and torn…pain killer injections only work for so long my friend…Go Dawgs!

  2. We are going to stomp Auburn. I think we will beat UF too. We will lose to someone though. Ark or LSU or UT.

    That Georgia Tech paragraph made my day. I hope Richt runs the score up as much as humanly possible on those good for nothing nerds.

  3. Doubt we start 6-0. If we do, we should be top 4 in the nation and the WLOCP becomes epic.

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