Know thine enemy: Oklahoma State edition

Quick statistical roundup of Oklahoma State from 2008 (team statistics, H/T:

                                                                     Offense                             Defense

Points/game                                             40.8                                                       28.1 

Rushing yards/attempt                       5.48                                                       4.33

Passing yards/attempt                        9.66                                                       6.63

Passing ypg                                               242.23                                                 267.69

Rushing ypg                                              245.46                                                137.85

Total ypg                                                   487.69                                                405.54

Yards/play                                               7.0                                                            5.6

Passing TD’s                                              25                                                              28

Rushing TD’s                                            38                                                               21

INT’s                                                           10                                                               12

Fumbles Lost                                           10                                                               13


So what does all that tell me?  Same story that we’ve been hearing all offseason.  This is a team that is very balanced and dynamic offensively averaging just over 240 yards rushing and passing the ball per game.  They scored a lot of points, yet also gave up a lot of points.  They defend the run somewhat and the pass not at all.  The defensive passing yards/attempt number is kinda skewed from playing in the pass-happy Big 12 where they faced 525 pass attempts.  For perspective, Georgia only faced 377 passing attempts last year.  The team was +5 in the turnover margin area which always bodes well.  The team’s big 3; Zac Robinson, Kendall Hunter, and Dez Bryant’s stats were as follows:

(1)  Robinson:

Passing: 204 completions on 314 attempts for a 65% completion rate, 3,064 passing yards, 9.8 yards/attempt, 25 TD’s, 10 INT’s, 235.7 passing ypg

Rushing: 146 attempts for 562 yards, 3.85 ypc, 8 TD’s, 43.23 ypg

(2) Hunter:  

Rushing: 241 attempts for 1,555 yards, 6.45 ypc, 16 TD’s, 119.62 ypg

Receiving:  22 rec’s for 198 yards, 9.0 yards/catch, 1 TD, 15.2 ypg

(3) Bryant:

Receiving:  87 rec’s for 1,480 yards, 17.01 yards/catch, 19 TD’s, 113.8 ypg

For some added analysis I’ve compiled the same stats, but limited to the averages (except for TD’s and turnovers – those are gross #’s) of their three big games last year (all losses against Texas, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma).  I’ve excluded the Oregon game because I believe that a bowl game that is played a month after season’s end is an unfair measure of how a team actually played during the regular season.

                                                                     Offense                      Defense

Points/game                                             28.3                                                       48.3 

Rushing yards/attempt                       5.5                                                          4.3

Passing yards/attempt                        7.8                                                          8.8

Passing ypg                                               211.7                                                    425.7

Rushing ypg                                              200.3                                                   137.7

Total ypg                                                   412.0                                                     563.3

Yards/play                                               6.0                                                            7.7

Passing TD’s                                              4                                                                 13

Rushing TD’s                                            6                                                                   7

INT’s                                                           2                                                                   1

Fumbles Lost                                           3                                                                  3

It’s hard to make any kind of assessment on how to beat this team from those 3 games because they were just basically air-raided to death by three teams that were three of the top passing offenses in the country.  The biggest difference was the scoring offense generated in those three games.  Okie State scored nearly 12 less points a game in those three compared to the season as a whole and their total offensive output dropped more than 60 yards per game.  This is a tough team to gauge based on last year’s statistics because we still get stuck with the chicken or the egg question regarding Big 12 offenses versus Big 12 defenses.  Anyways, this is just a high-level analytical look at what the Dawgs have in store for tomorrow.

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