Someone finally said it

If you haven’t already done so today please head over to David Hale’s site and read his current post.  I think this is the best capture of what most Bulldog fans and supporters of the program feel by a member of the media.  The vast majority of Bulldog fans and supporters love Mark Richt and want him here forever.  I certainly know that I do.  What irks us though is the perceived unwillingness to just come out and tell it straight up like it is.  Nothing would have made me happier in the offseason that for him to come to press conference and say something to the effect of “Yes, Florida is in our heads and we need to change that.”  

He could have saved a lot of face if in his Tuesday presser he just came out and said something like “The play on Saturday is unacceptable by the standards that the coaching staff, fans, alumni, and Bulldog supporters set for our team.  We are going to come out to work this week to fix this and we will be prepared on Saturday.”

That’s all we want to hear.  I don’t doubt that the coaches care and I bet they’re mad as hell right now.  The problem is that the only portal we as supporters have into our program is through what the media is able to report to us.  Coach Richt likes to keep it low key and I can appreciate that, but there are times that the media can be your friend.  This comment from Hale sums it up very well and it’s something that I hope that Coach Richt and his staff get a chance to read.

It doesn’t have to be yelling and screaming. It just has to be an occasionally honest assessment of the situation rather than a talking point designed to gloss over the real issues.

Richt doesn’t owe that to me or any other reporter. But the thing is, both what you say and what you don’t say sends a message to the people who care about your program, and right now, fans don’t seem real happy with the message Richt and his team are sending.

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