Sounds like retreat mode to me

In the aftermath of some criticism being thrown his way, Joe Cox appears to have gone into (H/T: Senator) full on defensive mode.

“Half the people who have stuff to say after games have never played a down of football before in their entire life,” Cox said. “I wouldn’t criticize somebody for something I’ve never played before or never done before, but some people feel it’s their place to say how somebody is doing when they’ve never done it before. That’s just something I’ve never understood.

“Stuff like that doesn’t bother me. You’ve got to look at the source, and if it’s somebody who’s never played football, I could care less what you say.”

Comments like that bother me for several reasons.  First off, I damn well have the right to criticize you if it’s deserved.  Excuse me, let me edit that.  I damn well reserve the right to criticize the play of Joe Cox the QB if deserved, but I will never take a shot at Joe Cox the person because I don’t know Joe Cox the person.  I pay my hard-earned money to the UGA Athletic Association and buy tickets so that you can go to school for free and play football.  Secondly, that’s such a weak copout and backhanded comment to the knowledgable fan.

Look, I haven’t strapped on a helmet since I was 12 years old as I was more of a baseball man, but I think the 20 or so years I’ve spent watching football and playing football video games have taught me a thing or two about what is and isn’t a good performance.  I find it so condescending this notion that athletes believe that by having played the game at a certain level they are invulnerable to criticism from others that didn’t.  It’s similar to the bloggers versus mainstream journalist divide.  My argument has always been it doesn’t take a journalism degree from Northwestern for me to say “Derek Lowe looked tired in the 8th inning.  Bobby Cox probably should have pulled him.”  Similarly, it doesn’t take me having played football at the highest collegiate level to say that “Joe Cox played pretty poorly on Saturday.”  It doesn’t make me dislike Joe Cox because he has those feelings, but frankly he needs to get over himself and the perceived importance of “playing the game.”  Athletes seem to think that their “experience” is the trump card and everyone else has no clue.  I got a news flash for them.  I haven’t played since I was 12 and I could tell you what a Cover 2 defense is.  It’s not the great mystery that athletes make these things out to be and I can’t stand that condescending tone they take towards the fans that pay for their salaries/scholarships.


5 responses to “Sounds like retreat mode to me

  1. Could not agree more. Makes me sick to think that someone that is supposed to have such leadership skills cannot just back away from fans who are obviously disappointed and say “I am disappointed as well, but things will change.” I hate to say it, but ask Tebow about that.

  2. What would he say to his coach if he played for Texas Tech? Would he say something as childish as this to Mr. Leach who hasn’t ever played in any significant fashion at any level? Doubt it.

    • Very excellent point, Kevin. I also edited my post to reinforce that I am not criticizing Joe Cox, the person. I am criticizing the play of Joe Cox, the quarterback of the Georgia Bulldogs which is something completely different. Taking personal shots is just a low blow, but I fully reserve the right to criticize your play on the field if it is warranted.

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  4. “but I think the 20 or so years I’ve spent watching football and playing football video games have taught me a thing or two about what is and isn’t a good performance”

    Video games??? Really??? You think that playing VIDEO GAMES has the potential to educate you on football? Your point is valid, but you weakened your reasoning by ever thinking/mentioning that playing video games has empowered you to criticize football players.

    If I lived in the 1940’s, could I honestly say that playing video games has enabled me to criticize the play of Frank Sinkwich???? Get real.

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