Know thine enemy: South Carolina edition

Well, I was going to waste 1,500+ words giving you a bunch of useless information about South Carolina and Georgia, but I came across the Senator’s preview earlier this morning and realized that it was just perfect.  So in the auspice of being lazy, I have nothing to add except betting advice.  I think Georgia wins the game, but it’s a safe bet to take South Carolina and the 7 points.  As I mentioned yesterday, I think the under in this game (38) is the safest best you’ll make all year other than picking Florida straight up against Georgia.


3 responses to “Know thine enemy: South Carolina edition

  1. Ouch, that under looks pretty good, hah. A buddy of mine took the over and he was even as surprised how quickly it was secured.

    This is why I don’t bet large sums of money.

    • Haha, that’s why they call them “games of chance”, my friend. Maybe I should put up a disclaimer that last time I was in Atlantic City I lost money pretty quickly?

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