Semi-hate week

Obviously this week is hate week for those that support Tennessee and Florida, but I believe for a lot of the Bulldog fans out there this is a semi-hate week.  Personally, I never had any issues against Arkansas.  My grandfather went to college there and I was raised as a supporter as long as they weren’t playing the Bulldogs.  Then this happened:

Boy, this looks like a great hire!  He's just the guy to turn this team around!

Boy, this looks like a great hire! He's just the guy to turn this team around!

Things looked great for us Falcons fans.  We’d seen what Petrino had done with lesser talent at Louisville and were excited to see what he could do with a player like Michael Vick.  Of course we all know what happened to that season.  Vick was arrested in the offseason for dogfighting and the Falcons season suddenly turned to one of great pain and sorrow.  Petrino led a regime that would rival most dictatorships.  He treated his players like children and wouldn’t even speak to them on a face to face basis.  Perhaps that kind of thing works in college and is what makes him a good college coach, but you can’t treat grown men like that especially when most of them make more money than you do.  Thirteen games into that season this happened:

Whoo!  I was coaching a different team this morning and plan on being here until next week!

Whoo! I was coaching a different team this morning and plan on being here until next week!

That snake in the grass SOB deserves every bad thing that could possibly happen to him on the football field.  I’ll never deny his greatness as an offensive coach, but what he did to that Falcons team and to the city of Atlanta is unforgivable.  The night before he was hired he assured Arthur Blank , the man who made him the highest paid coach in the NFL no less, that he was not taking the Arkansas job.  The next day he was on a plane to Fayetteville and Blank was burned.  The man didn’t even have the gall to tell his players in person.  He left them a half-paragraph letter distributed by the assistant coaches.

There are even Tech fans that I know that are taking off their Tech glasses just to root for Georgia to lay the wood to this man because of what he did to our city.  Enjoy him while you have him Arkansas fans, because there’s no guarantee that he’ll be there next week.  Bobby Petrino doesn’t coach for the team’s logo on his attire, the players that surround him, or the people who pay him.  He coaches only for himself and when he sees an opportunity that he thinks is better than his current situation he will leave without even giving you so much as a warning.  I hope he loses every game he coaches by 50 points and I hope that Coach Richt somehow senses what this game means to a lot of people in the state of Georgia.  I realize that his only job is to win games for Georgia, but he has to know that a lot of people in the state he resides would love nothing more than to see him take Arkansas to the woodshed.


2 responses to “Semi-hate week

  1. It had to be said. Thanks!

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