A brief review of the last two weeks

Finally back from temporary hiatus so here we go with a way too late yet very brief review of the last two games.


 What I liked

  •  Joe Cox stepping up to the plate to carry a team that seems to find new ways to shoot itself in the foot.
  • AJ Green.  Mr. Broadway, meet your owner.
  • The tight ends.  Both Aron White and Orson Charles got in on the TD merry-go-round.  Charles especially made some acrobatic catches.
  • Rennie Curran (this will remain under the What I liked section for the remainder of the season with no explanation necessary.  AJ Green will also remain without explanation.)
  • An 80 yard TD run from Richard Samuel.
  • Strong defense to close out the game.
  • 52 points.  Take that Bobby.

What I didn’t like

  •  Too many penalties (This also applies to every game this year.)
  • More turnovers deep in our territory.
  • Negative turnover margin.
  • Poor run blocking and run game in general.
  • My spike in blood pressure (This applies to all games as well.)
  • One play drives.
  • 41 points.

 Arizona State

What I liked

  • Rennie Curran (see above)
  • AJ “freaking” Green (also see above).  His legend grows each week.  I was in college during the Terrence Edwards/Fred Gibson years, both of whom are amongst the best Bulldog receivers ever to don the red and black.  I say with no hesitation that AJ Green is the best receiver to ever come through Athens as of right now.  He’s also making a strong case as the best receiver in the country.  Without him, we lose that game.  As I told a friend of mine earlier this week “AJ Green is slowly stealing my man crush reserved for Tom Brady.”
  • Warm sake at Doc Chey’s after the game.  The rain stopped at halftime, but it was a bitter cold with the breeze flowing through Athens at 68 degrees while soaking wet.
  • Blair Walsh.  Way to take last year’s disappointment and the signing of Bogotay and turn it into renewed focus and execution.
  • Seeing friends that I haven’t seen in years.
  • More trash cans, port-a-potties, and people cleaning up after themselves leading to a much cleaner (granted there weren’t half the people there as the South Carolina game) North Campus.
  • Holding the opposing offense below 30 (Jeez, have my standards declined since 2005 when I’m excited about holding a team below 30).

 What I didn’t like

  •  Too many freaking penalties.
  • Toss sweeps from the 1 yard line.
  • Poor decisions leading to INTs from our QB that is supposed to know the routes like the back of his hand.
  • Missed TDs even with the benefit of replay.
  • Negative turnover margin.
  • Pick 6’s.
  • The bastard (s) at Allgood that decided to steal my Nike Georgia jacket after I set it in the booth my friends were standing around while running to the bathroom.  I hope karma bites you in the ass like never before.

 Okay, that was it in a nutshell.  I intend to get more posts up in the future, but these last two weeks have been the fire drill from hell at work so I’ve been unable to do much posting on the weekdays.

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