A light LSU preview

After my return from exodus today I thought I’d add an early LSU post with some of the high level things I’d like to see and what I think it will take for the Dawgs to win on Saturday.

What I’d like to see:

  • Positive turnover margin (a big fat zero on the Georgia ledger would be quite awesome)
  • If you’re going to turn it over, do it on their side of the field for crying out loud.
  • AJ Green stepping up to the challenge of Peterson and Jones.  These are two of the best secondary players in the conference and Orson Charles commanded double teams from ASU last week leading to some man coverage for AJ.  Can he take advantage and basically take over this game like last week?
  • LSU gain less than 300 yards of offense.
  • No biting on the play action like you’ve never seen it before.
  • Joe Cox throwing for 65%+ completion percentage and no INTs.
  • An interception by the secondary.
  • Jefferson hitting the turf at Sanford Stadium no less than 10 times.
  • Rennie Curran being himself.

What the Dawgs have to do to win:

  • Hang on to the freaking ball!!!  As alluded to in my What I’d like to see comments, the Dawgs are getting by on smoke and mirrors at this point.  Certainly there’s much to be said about this team’s resiliency and ability to weather adversity as compared to last year, but you can’t keep spotting each team we play two scores on a silver platter by giving them the football.  We’re lucky to be where we are and I fear a team as talented as LSU will make us pay for those types of mistakes.
  • The rest of the receiving corps has to step up.  It’s no secret that every team Georgia plays from here on out will be gearing to stop AJ Green.  At this point AJ’s on another stratosphere so he might still get his, but if the rest of the receiving corps can take some of the pressure off AJ, I like our chances.  I think this also keeps Joe Cox from forcing balls to AJ if he’s got Orson Charles or Mike Moore wreaking havoc over the middle.  Having those guys step up will also free up AJ for some big plays once the defense focuses its coverage on them.
  • Can we find a running game?  Other than Richard Samuel’s 80 yard TD run against Arkansas, there hasn’t been much of a running game this year.  Caleb King has shown that he’s not a liability anymore in pass protection and should get his fair share of carries.  It’s time for that O-line that was so touted in the pre-season to finally man up and push some people around.  If the running game can get going, it will open up the play action passing game for our receiving corps down the field.
  • Get the defense off the freaking field.  They did a relatively good job of this last week against ASU but quick strike scores, turnovers, and an inability to stop 3rd downs have kept the defense on the field far too long this season.  The defense needs to get its stops when it can and the offense and special teams need to hold on to the ball.  This goes back to my previous point, but if Georgia can establish the running game and run time off the clock, that would help the defense immensely.
  • Be ready for some surprises.  In his tenure at LSU, Les Miles has shown that he is not afraid of the trick play or going for it on 4th down.  The Dawgs got badly beaten on a fake punt against South Carolina and need to be ready for it against this LSU team.  I hope that Coach Fabris has beaten that point to death this week.

Anyways, those are some of my semi-early thoughts about the game.  I’ll be back tomorrow with my predictions.

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