A late Mumme Poll update

Last year I was the remaining few that stuck it out all season in the inaugural year of the Mumme Poll.  The guys over at 3SIB and the Senator have gone to great lengths to make it great this year.  This week was just a dry run to finalize the number of voters and the results don’t start counting until next week.  I thought I’d share my poll with you this week.

Top 5 in no particular order:

  • Texas
  • LSU
  • Alabama
  • Auburn
  • Cincinnati

The rest of the top twelve in no particular order:

  • Florida
  • Virginia Tech
  • Miami
  • Missouri
  • TCU
  • Boise State
  • Oregon

I base my rankings on performance to date, not how talented a team is.  Right now, my top five have the most impressive list of wins of the undefeateds.  Florida nearly was not included because frankly, I don’t feel like they’ve accomplished anything as of yet other than beating a hapless Kentucky and beating a Tennessee team that doesn’t believe the position of QB exists.  If you think I’m biased against Florida note that Georgia is not included.  Frankly, they’re not in my top 30 right now.  I’ll give Florida the benefit of the doubt right now, but should they lose to LSU this weekend they are out completely.  Conversely, should they win, they’re in the top five.  Same rationale goes for Ohio State and USC.  I only included Oregon over Southern Cal because their loss to Boise State is a lot better than Southern Cal’s poop-a-thon against Washington.  Thoughts and comments are welcome.

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