Mumme Poll, Week 6

I’m going to hold off on my thoughts for that poopfest that was the Georgia game this weekend, but in the meanwhile I’ll go ahead and get my first official Mumme Poll up for the season after the dry run from last week.  Everything you need to know about the Mumme Poll can be found here:

Top Five (no particular order)

  • Miami
  • Alabama
  • Virginia Tech
  • Cincinnati
  • Florida

Remaining Seven(no particular order):

  • Oregon
  • Boise State
  • Texas
  • TCU
  • Southern California
  • Iowa
  • Kansas

I also decided to follow David Hale’s lead and add the teams that are just on the cusp that I did not include:

  • Ohio State
  • Penn State
  • LSU
  • Georgia Tech
  • South Carolina
  • Nebraska

No consideration was given to these teams:

  • Georgia (no explanation necessary)
  • Big East teams not named Cincinnati
  • Cal
  • Auburn (that loss to Arkansas killed all the goodwill they built up before that)

Let’s start with the Top Five.

  • Alabama is clearly the cream of the crop.  They have played the best football not only in the SEC, but in the country.  It is a shame that due to an archaic voting process (don’t drop the #1 team if they don’t lose unless you’re Georgia) that they are not the #1 team in the country.  What has Florida done to justify being #1 over Alabama?
  • Florida is here by default.  They are clearly a good team, but they have looked very beatable in the two games they played against real competition.  Everything is setting up for a collision course in Atlanta, but will we really know how good the Gators are by then?  Unless Georgia or Florida State can straighten up their respective messes, Florida won’t play anybody with a pulse between now and December 5th outside of South Carolina.  Does it scare anybody else to think that the Gamecocks control their own destiny in the East?  I struggled to put Florida in the top five because the win at LSU was so underwhelming, but a win at LSU is still a win at LSU.
  • Cincinatti keeps on ho-humming along winning all their games quietly.  They have a very impressive win beating Oregon State in Oregon.  I don’t know if anyone in the Big East will be taken seriously this year, but Cincy better be putting aside a slush fund in order to keep Brian Kelly around.  Methinks that if one of the big boy schools makes a coaching change this year, his name will be up at the top of the wish list.
  • Virginia Tech continues cruising after a complete demolition of a clearly outmatched Boston College team on Saturday.  I know that there are other undefeateds in the country, but I’m a resume voter, not a projection voter.  Virginia Tech has beaten two top 20 teams at home this season in Nebraska and Miami, and held a fourth quarter lead in Atlanta until succumbing to the team that I think is the best in America.  No shame in that.  Virginia Tech is a solid top five team to me.
  • The final inclusion in the top five came down to a debate between Miami and Texas.  Although Texas is unbeaten it still came down to collective resume for me and I believe Miami has done way more than Texas in that respect.  Yes, Miami looked bad on the road against Virginia Tech, but they have played four top 20 teams to start the season with their first cupcake this past weekend.  Texas looked lackadaisical against a pretty bad Colorado team and their only statement win was a pretty unimpressive victory over a middle of the road Texas Tech team at home.  If Texas beats a Sam Bradford led Oklahoma team in a few weeks they are deserving of a top five spot, but for right now I’m going with the Hurricanes.

Now for the remaining seven:

  • I still don’t know what to make of Iowa.  They need multiple blocked field goals to beat a FCS school in Northern Iowa, but they go on the road and demolish a pretty good Penn State team and handle a pretty good Michigan team this past weekend.  We’ll know more about this team after they play Wisconsin and Ohio State, but for right now they’ve got as good a shot as anybody to win the Big Ten.
  • Does this sound familiar?  Oregon loses starting QB, backup comes in and plays solidly in win.  Oregon has looked as good as any Pac-10 team not named USC this season despite the belly flop that was week 1 against a pretty jacked up Boise State team.  If they get a healthy Masoli back, they may give USC a run for the conference this season.
  • Speaking of Southern California, they remain in the top twelve lurking for a top five spot.  They did go on the road and beat a hostile Ohio State earlier this year and their only loss was in a hostile situation against a first day draft pick QB, a former coordinator that knows the team inside and out, and without their regular QB.  I can’t hold that against them entirely, but it does keep them out of the top five.
  • Boise State is a top twelve team mostly due to their big win over Oregon.  That win didn’t look so great at the time, but now that Oregon is rolling it could be seen as one of the better wins by a non-BCS team this season.  Sadly, I don’t think their schedule is strong enough to hold off TCU should both teams go undefeated and Boise may be playing in the Poinsettia Bowl rather than the Fiesta come bowl season.
  • TCU is going to make the strongest BCS cases of the non-BCS schools due to convincing wins at Virginia and Clemson.  I realize both those teams may be bad this year, but that is still two road wins at BCS schools.  There will be no debating the Horned Frogs’ strength of schedule when the BCS conversation begins.
  • Texas falls from the top five from my preliminary ballot.  As mentioned in my Miami explanation, my last spot in the top five came down to Texas and Miami.  Even though Miami has one loss, I still gave them the nod over Texas due to the difference in schedules and the fact that Texas had no business being down to a bad Colorado team as much as they were in the first half Saturday night.  Beat Oklahoma and Texas likely vaults back into the top five.
  • The final team in is Kansas.  I debated whether South Carolina deserved it more than Kansas, but frankly Carolina struggled with a Kentucky team that Florida completely obliterated a few weeks ago.  That leads me to believe that either (A) Florida is really better than they’ve looked, (B) Kentucky isn’t as bad as they looked against Florida, or (C) South Carolina isn’t as good as they looked against Georgia and Ole Miss.  As the old saying goes, I think all three fall somewhere in the middle.  Right now Kansas and Todd Reesing is lighting up the scoreboard with no end in sight.  We’ll see if they’re for real when they play Nebraska.

Those are my rankings with the logic behind my thought process.  It took me about 45 minutes to think about and compile my ballot.  Games I watched at least one full quarter this weekend (thankfully I missed Georgia/Tennessee as I was with the family):

  • Georgia Tech/Florida State
  • Florida/LSU
  • Nebraska/Missouri
  • Texas/Colorado
  • Oregon State/Stanford
  • Iowa/Michigan
  • Ohio State/Wisconsin

As always, comments are welcome.  Feel free to rip apart my thoughts as they are probably flawed and biased due to the uncertainty I feel regarding the Georgia program right now.

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