Mumme Poll, Week 8

Hello all, I’m still amongst the living.  I’ve been residing in the Midwest for work for the last two weeks and haven’t had much time to keep up with the ole blog.  Let’s try to change that this week and we’ll kick it off with my Mumme Poll ballot for this week.  For all the info you need on the Mumme Poll, please visit the site here.  My ballot as follows:

Top Five (no particular order):

  • Cincinnati
  • Florida
  • Alabama
  • Texas
  • Iowa

Remaining Seven (no particular order):

  • Boise State
  • TCU
  • Southern California
  • Georgia Tech
  • Oregon
  • Pittsburgh
  • LSU

Games I watched at least one full quarter this weekend:

  • Georgia Tech/Virginia
  • Texas/Missouri
  • Florida/Mississippi State
  • Alabama/Tennessee
  • South Carolina/Vanderbilt
  • Penn State/Michigan
  • Ohio State/Minnesota
  • Miami/Clemson

Amount of time I spent compiling my ballot: approximately 35 minutes

Close, but not this week:

  • Miami
  • Virginia Tech

Never considered:

  • Any Big East team outside of Cincinnati or Pittsburgh
  • Any Pac 10 team outside of Southern Cal or Oregon
  • Oklahoma
  • Ohio State

Comments on the teams that did make the ballot:

  • Cincinnati says they don’t need no stinking Heisman contender at QB.  Brian Kelly just keeps plugging them in and producing.  How has one of the big schools not dropped a Brinks truck on his front lawn yet?  Methinks there’s going to be a vacant spot in Champaign next season after the Zooker is fired this year.  Illinois would be wise to go after this guy.
  • Has there ever been a less impressive guy that will likely win the Heisman than the 2009 version of Tim Tebow?  I realize that he’s the best player on that team, but come on voters.  You gave it to him in 2007 despite playing on a four loss team, and rightfully so, because he put up numbers that had never been seen before.  Now you’re going to give it to him in 2009 because of his “leadership” intangibles despite the fact that there are easily ten other QBs in the country more deserving if we’re going on the “stats” argument that was used in 2007.  Granted, he has five more games to turn it around so we shall see.  Anyways, Florida looks very beatable although I suspect for whatever reason the ghosts of Jacksonville past will show up this weekend and it will get ugly for the Dawgs.  Todd Blackledge was dead on Saturday night pointing out that the Tebow Smash play is very ineffective if you get penetration like Mississippi State did on that goal line stop.  Georgia is going to need a huge game out of the defensive tackles to shut down the dive and Tebow Smash.  Were you watching the game Saturday night; Kade/Geno/Jeff?  We need you to step up big time this weekend.
  • Alabama says they don’t need no stinking special teams, they just need Mount Cody.  That guy is just a great football player.  Although is there anything more disturbing than just seeing the sweat waterfalling down his jersey every time he takes the field?  Anyways, Alabama survives and advances.  McElroy is going to have to start playing better or this team is not going to make it to Atlanta unscathed.  Good to see they finally remembered that Julio Jones plays for them this weekend.  Just an added note, AJ is still the best receiver in the conference this year, Bama fans, not necessarily the most talented.  I felt I needed to slip that one in.
  • Texas ho-hum obliterates Missouri.  That’s the offense we’ve been waiting to see all year.  Texas wins out and they’re in the title game in Pasadena. The only thing standing between them and a shot is Oklahoma State.  If they get past the Pokes, does anyone really believe that Kansas State (that’s right, Kansas State is leading the Big 12 North) is going to put up a fight?
  • My toughest choice this week was including Iowa over TCU in the top five.  Iowa is 8-0 for the first time in school history.  That’s got to mean something, right?  Championship teams don’t need time expiring TDs to beat Michigan State though.  We’ll see how good these guys are when they play a more talented team at Ohio State in three weeks.  Win that and I’m very impressed with this team although I suspect an undefated Iowa team is destined for the Rose Bowl because the voters have already ordained a Texas/SEC national title matchup.
  • Boise keeps in the limelight three weeks in a row after two Wednesday night games and by playing at Hawaii this past weekend where nobody saw the game.  That Oregon win just keeps looking better, however TCU’s wins are better and is why TCU will make the BCS over Boise if both go undefeated.
  • TCU almost made the top five, but I’m holding out to see what Iowa continues to do.  It’s hard to dispute them beating Virginia/Clemson/BYU on the road as arguably the three most impressive road wins of any team in college football this year.  This team looks destined for the Fiesta Bowl.
  • Southern California wins, but gives up a lot of points and yards to their nemesis from last year, Oregon State.  Maybe it’s my own bias, but I just don’t think this team deserves a top five spot.  I’m frankly tired of hearing Carroll over the last four years lose to a very bottom tier Pac 10 team early, get hot during the stretch run, and complain about why they aren’t being considered for the championship games.  When does this team stop getting a pass for a hiccup to a team they have no business losing to.  Their loss to Stanford in ’07 and to Washington this year are analagous to an SEC team losing to Vanderbilt.  Here’s a more poignant question: Would an SEC champion with a loss to Vandy get into the national title discussion?
  • Georgia Tech continues its streak-busting ways under Paul Johnson and just gives the nerds more ammunition about their “new sheriff”.  I’m sorry nerds, but the fact that Paul Johnson has been busting all these streaks is more evidence of how bad your program has been throughout the 2000s.  There’s no reason you shouldn’t have beaten Virginia at Charlottesville since 1990.  How many good Virginia teams have there really been this decade?  Ditto that for Florida State at Tallahassee?  When’s the last time Florida State truly was a good team?  Anyways, they still get mad props for beating Virginia Tech pretty soundly two weeks ago, however that face plant against Miami is going to come back to haunt them should they run the table and win the ACC.
  • Oregon destroys another Pac 10 team.  They play Southern Cal this weekend with the opportunity to pretty much wrap up nothing less than Rose Bowl bid and potentially something bigger.  How much did that awful performance against Boise really hurt this team?  We’ll find out if they can run the table the rest of the way.
  • I’m a believer in the Wann-stache this year.  Pittsburgh might have the most balanced offense this side of Oregon.  They still have games to go against West Virginia and Cincinatti and I’ll reserve complete judgment until those games happen.
  • Who was that and what did they do with the real LSU offense?  Wait, LSU has an offense?  Impressive showing.  If that offense had showed up against Florida the game might have appeared a little more competitive.  Then again, that might be a function of how good Florida’s D is compared to Auburn’s D.  This is the one team that everyone is forgetting about when preparing for the Alabama/Floridapocalypse in Atlanta.  LSU still controls its own fate and goes to Tuscaloosa in two weeks with the West title likely on the line.

Anyways, those are my thoughts.  Feel free to agree or disagree.  Comments are always welcome.

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