Some clarification

I received an email from a Florida State fan in regards to this comment I made the other day:

Obviously, there are changes that are likely to happen this year.  It does no good to make a fire sale right now.  I know many people want Willie Martinez’s head on a stick, but what good does firing him now?  It’s not like the defense is going to turn into a bunch of world-beaters overnight.  I do believe that this prediction made by some guy is going to turn out very untrue now:

Willie Martinez will still be the defensive coordinator come opening day in 2010 .

One disturbing thought has crossed my mind about this today.  I fear that if that prediction does come true, it may be time to make another prediction:

Mark Richt will not be the head coach at the University of Georgia come opening day in 2011.

The Florida State fan seemed struck by my comment and I wanted to clarify that I am in no way endorsing the firing of Mark Richt.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The point of my comment was that I believe that right or wrong, if Willie Martinez is still manning the DC position of the Georgia Bulldogs in 2010, things probably aren’t looking too good for Mark Richt at that point.

I want Mark Richt to stay in Athens as long as he wants.  Frankly, I’d like for Willie Martinez to be able to stay in Athens as long as he wants.  I’ve met Coach Martinez and he seems like a wonderful guy.  Obviously, it’s never easy to fire someone, nevertheless someone that is a good friend of yours that you’ve known for 20+ years.  The point of my comment was not that I hope Mark Richt is gone in 2011.  The point is that should he hitch his job security to the performance of Willie Martinez in 2010, I don’t think his job security looks very good.  That’s all I meant by it.

On another topic, those of you that are flaming our players via Twitter, Red & Black, blogs, or whatever need to get a life.  Mike and Bernie have excellent posts up regarding this and I hope that this silliness stops.  These are still 18-22 year old college kids playing a game for free.  If you want to criticize someone, throw it at the coaches who get paid large amounts of money to endure that criticism.  Joe Cox shouldn’t have to hide his face because he wants to go out and eat a pizza and is afraid that someone might come up to take a verbal jab at him.  Grow up, people.  Whether this team is 8-0 or 4-4, it’s still great to be a Georgia Bulldog and these kids work their tails off to provide you a few hours of entertainment every Saturday.  The least you can do is lay off.


One response to “Some clarification

  1. I haven’t been too hot on Richt for years. Even before last year.

    Richt teams always played and continue to play sloppy. Before this year his offenses would only click on all cylinders except for 1 maybe 2 games a year. (This year of course, not at all)
    His decision making has always been spotty.
    (clock management, Joe T, directional kickoffs, redshirt of Moreno but not of Samuels, . . . etc) For this I am tired of being told I am on the lunatic fringe. I make my donations, go to just about every game, support my team, and follow every piece of news from the season and recruiting trail. It is self evident to me that Richt benefited from BVG, Zook, Gailey, and Fulmer more than his coaching. So stop calling me the lunatic fringe as I want this program to succeed to the best of its abilities and resources.

    Richts offense and defense are outdated and extremely predictable. Monte Kiffin watched our tapes and was drooling. The whole program needs an overhaul and if Richt doesn’t do it then he can leave. 3 mill a year jobs warrant such reactions and scrutiny.

    One last thing, if Richt chastises the fan base one more time for pointing out the glaringly obvious he can go NOW for all I am concerned. A CEO has never won going to battle against his customer base.


    The Lunatic Fringe

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