It’s hate week in the AuditDawg household

I believe I’ve mentioned previously that my current roommate happens to be a graduate of that college that we are playing this weekend.  Therefore this week has devolved into a hate week within our domicile in which neither one wants to be the last person home, due to the potential atrocities the other may have committed.  I’ve decided to compile a list of reasons why I hate Auburn and post it here.

  • 2005
  • 2004
  • 1999
  • Terry Bowden
  • You take pride in defacing your own campus with toilet paper.
  • These guys below

We can haz recruitz?


  • Robert Baker
  • Their insistance that Auburn is as nice as Athens.
  • Their football players during the Pat Dye era couldn’t read.
  • They remind me too much of Georgia Tech with their little brother/penis envy syndrome for the better program in their own state.
  • Pat Dye claims that Georgia is not man enough.
  • Because they wish they were Georgia.

Feel free to add anything to this list in the comments.  I just thought I’d get it started with a brief list.

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