The Intertubes is the devil

So…. anyone hear any good rumors today?

All joking aside, it was a slight letdown to hear that Kirby Smart passed on being the next defensive coordinator at the University of Georgia, but it’s not the complete meltdown some are making it out to be.  Some of the message boards are truly pissed at Smart and claiming that he doesn’t have a home anymore which is just silly to me.  The guy is in a great situation and had to make a choice about what was best for his future as a coach.  He never led on UGA or anything like that and I think he handled this tough decision with as much class as anyone can ask a person to do.  I’m sure turning the alma mater down (especially when the alma mater drops a Brinks truck on your front lawn) was difficult, but I’m certain he made the best choice for himself.

So now Mark Richt must move onto the next candidate and hopefully whoever ultimately ends up walking the sidelines in Red & Black next fall will be a knockout hire.  I think we’d all agree that it probably couldn’t get any worse than it was the last two years, right?  I never expected Smart to leave Alabama, but it certainly would be nice.  Personally, I don’t care about the big hire as much as I do hiring a guy that will teach good tackling and coverage fundamentals.  I assure you that if at this time next season Georgia has wrapped up a 10-win season and a New Year’s Day bowl game where the defense averaged less than 20 ppg, we won’t be worrying too much about missing out on Smart.  Personally, I’d take a guy that was coaching middle school ball right now if he could assure me that we’d be the best tackling team and best coverage team in the SEC.

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