Atlanta Braves, who are they?

All jokes aside.  I’ve spent the last two weeks in the suburbs of Baltimore and endured Strasburg-mania.  However, there’s another team in the NL East leading the division by 1.5 games as of tonight and in serious contention in late June for the first time since 2005.  I’m speaking of course about the division leading Atlanta Braves.  I just got back today and went down to Turner Field for the Medlen/Greinke pitching matchup.  I give my kudos to the fans of Atlanta because I can’t remember 40,000 people being this loud for a middle of the season June game since the mid-90s.  The way the Ted exploded after Troy Glausosaurus hit the walk-off home run tonight was amazing.  This team has “it”, whatever “it” is.  They are fun to watch and I can’t remember enjoying a team or having this much confidence in a Braves team since the mid-90s.  I seriously love this team.

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