A Moment of Appreciation

As most of you have heard, David Hale is taking a job with his hometown paper and he’ll be leaving the Dawg beat soon.  Kyle has done his usual excellent job of summing things up with the appropriate level of respect and humor.  To me, Hale has been one of the best reporters I’ve read on a regular basis.  Even excluding the fact that he covers my alma mater, his approach and his level of integrity as a reporter are unparalleled in this day and age of the reporters (cough *Mariotti* cough) making themselves a part of the story.  To me, a good reporter is like a good umpire in baseball.  If you don’t notice him, he’s probably doing a good job.

David, I’m gonna miss reading you reporting on the Dawgs on a daily basis.  Your stories at the Ledger as well as your blog were regular stops during my work days.  I wish all the best for Mr. Hale and I hope he can truly understand how much we’ve appreciated his efforts and his work over the last two plus years while covering our Dawgs.  You will be missed, good sir.  Now, if you could only do something about that Delaware traffic situation on I-95…

Seriously, two Sundays ago I was driving from north New Jersey back to Baltimore and it took me two hours to complete the 20 mile stretch of road in Delaware that connects New Jersey and Maryland.  As far as I’m concerned, all Delaware represents is a traffic jam.  Thanks for all the great stories and I wish you the best of luck as you progress in your career, David.

One response to “A Moment of Appreciation

  1. Many thanks! You’re far too kind but it’s greatly appreciated. And traffic is Delaware’s way of feeling important. They don’t have much, ya know.

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