I couldn’t help myself

Since this is the moniker here, I figured I should update with a better version.  The following is for your audio and viewing pleasure:

Munson at his best.

But don’t think this hasn’t been something to see.  Holy smokes.  You realize we had the ball four hours in the third quarter on their side of the fifty and couldn’t get anything?  Well, they’re gonna kick off to us and some stupid miracle could still happen.

A few thoughts:

The man’s voice still gives me chills.  I’ll still never understand how that pass to McMichael that got us to the 20 was not picked off.  Simply amazing.  Another observation I had was that even as a freshman, David Greene still has the best play action fake I’ve ever seen.  This is when I first starting believing in Mark Richt after the Goff/Donnan disasters and I’ve never stopped believing.  Speaking of believing in Mark Richt, these highlights from my freshman year of college are what solidified my belief in the man.  Although it was my first game as a student, that Clemson game in 2002 might have been one of the most electric nights I’ve ever spent in Sanford Stadium (Auburn black-out not withstanding).

Boy, do I miss having Munson and David Greene.


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