Way late update

I don’t think that anyone that might read this knows that I’m a huge futbol fan, having played it from the time I was in elementary school up through high school graduation.  Granted, I was never that good but I still love the game.  Spencer Hall summed up his feelings the best.  After what happened on Wednesday, I can’t help but feel this great pride for being an American.  If you needed a reminder…

Un-freaking-believable!  Of course this team had to deal with another questionable unallowed goal, but they managed to fight until the end.  Unfortunately, as the game was a 10 AM EST start, I was at work like most Americans on the East Coast and didn’t catch it live.  That won’t be the case on Saturday as our boys have advanced to the elimination round and face off against Ghana on Saturday at 2:30.  I’ll be live from Limerick Junction in the VA Highland area on Saturday if anyone wants to join me. Bring your vuvuzela.

For the time being, I’ll leave you with the song that played throughout my head all day Wednesday after the win as well as reason # 434594353495435 why Bill Clinton is my favorite President of all time (this coming from a declared Libertarian).  Reason # 434594353495436 is the fact that the man is in South Africa lobbying FIFA to get the World Cup back to the States in 2018 or 2022.

I did not have relations with this Budweiser

Seriously, how awesome is that to have a former President sharing a beer with you after the biggest win in the entire existence of the US national soccer program?  This Bud’s for you, Bill.

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