Mark Bradley continues to bring teh stoopid

By now everybody’s heard about the Tennessee football player arrests from Thursday night followed up the UGA football arrests Friday night.  Here was Mark Bradley’s post on Friday with this sound advice:

“There’s always another arrest waiting to happen in a college town, and that town could well be yours. Bradley’s Rule: Tempt not the football gods by busting a gut laughing, lest tomorrow ye weep bitter tears.”

I don’t disagree with his logic there.  Every school has its own problems, so what sense does it make to gloat in the misery of others.  The problem is that he directed it right at UGA fans because one of the arrested was some hot shot recruit that UGA coveted and were surprised when he chose Tennessee on Signing Day.

Today in wake of the UGA arrests he follows up with this gem and basically a shit-eating ‘I told you so’ attitude.

“Yesterday I cautioned Georgia fans about not gloating over the arrest of Da’Rick Rogers, the Tennessee signee who spurned the Bulldogs at the 11th hour. I mentioned that these things have an uncanny way of evening out. So uncanny that …”

What a freaking Nostradamus that guy is.  We should all bow at his greatness.  Seriously, what a turd in the punch bowl the AJC has become when it continues to employ idiots such as Mark Bradley.  No, it’s not like other fanbases with rooting interests outside Athens could possibly poke some fun at or gloat a little at the misfortunes of the Tennessee faithful.  I don’t even know why I get so aggravated about teh stoopid coming from the local paper, but idiots like Bradley could be taken a little more seriously if they’d stop going after the low-hanging fruit (I know, I’ll anger the most populous fanbase within my paper’s reaches and that’ll really increase the page hits) rather than actually step back and be realistic about the situation (you know what, people in Gainesville and Tuscaloosa probably find this just as funny as those in Athens).

I’m not a properly trained journalist by any means, but I’d be willing to bet that I’m more prepared to be an objective sportswriter than most of the hacks out there today.  Now that I’m stuck with this kind of crap on a daily basis, I’m really going to miss David Hale.


4 responses to “Mark Bradley continues to bring teh stoopid

  1. And I’m sure fans from other schools weren’t mocking the Damon Evans situation, right?

  2. Amen on David Hale. It’s hard to read what passes for journalism from Bradley, Finebaum, Dooley, et al. They do it specifically to gain access to their local coaches.

    Georgia has the only media outlets that tear down the most popular team and the biggest fan base at every opportunity. Even Barnhart now goes out of his way to cover up his UGA roots (both as student and AJC beat writer). He still hasn’t admitted he was wrong on his Tech prediction from last year.

  3. It amazes how those that making their living off sports continue to throw stones at those that makes sports possible, the fans.

    Without fanaticism, “fans” certainly would not pony up the big dollars that keep sports going. They definitely would not give Bradley his clicks.

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