One Random Thing

I, like Rex, have finally made the decision that I’d like to drop a few pounds.  I was in pretty good shape for the better part of high school and my first four years of college.  However, I let myself go a bit during my fifth year of college and my three years in the real world.  I decided to take up a workout regimen and update my nutrition to get healthy again.  I’m fairly tall so my in shape weight when I was playing soccer in high school is still around 190 or so.

I’d like to use The Hobnail Boot as my own public forum to keep myself accountable and maybe some of you can share your similar stories.  I’m currently 16 days into my new regimen and I’ve already lost an inch of my waist and am down five pounds from where I began (I’m at a comfortable 214 as we speak).  I have about fifteen pounds to go to reach my initial goal (get under 200), but optimally I’d like to get down to 185 or so.  I’ll keep you guys up to date, but I think this is a great forum to share my progress with and to provide some level of accountability.


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