Final Thoughts

No posts for awhile, but these are my final thoughts heading into the Boise game tomorrow evening.

1. Is the front seven as improved as we’ve been lead to believe?

If so, this could be exactly what we’re looking for in being able to contain Kellen Moore and Doug Martin.

2. Can the Dawgs handle a quick sucker punch and mount a comeback?

This is the biggest question facing this team, in my opinion. Boise likes to play the Indianapolis Colts game of shock and awe at the beginning of a game and putting a team behind. This makes the opponent one dimensional (i.e. lots of passes) and allows their defense to pin its ears back and come after the QB. Can Georgia withstand an early onslaught and make a comeback?

3. What is the psyche of this team?

After the last few years, the only thing this team has going for it is a culture of losing. Has this team shed that mentality or will it tuck tail if the going gets tough early on?

I’d like to believe this team can hang with Boise State, but right now there are just too many questions for me to honestly answer this. Right now, I believe we won’t know what the 2011 version of the Georgia Bulldogs are all about until halftime of this first game. I’m firmly in the “wait and see” camp when it comes to this team.

My prediction:

UGA 31, Boise 27.

I don’t know why I feel this way, but whoever scores 30 first is going to win this game.

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