Quick Thought

I know it’s been a weird season and I haven’t posted much since the Boise game.  However, here’s some food for thought:

Andrew Luck: 2,937 passing yards, 31 TD’s, 8 INT’s

Aaron Murray: 2,698 passing yards, 32 TD’s, 10 INT’s

Who’s really the Heisman contender here?  I ain’t sayin’, I’m just sayin’…

3 responses to “Quick Thought

  1. He’s Herbstreit and the WWL’s candidate. The Heisman is the most overrated trophy in all sports.

  2. 42-28 DAWGS! cus Larry’s watchin us in the DOME! he passed so UGA could use it as more motivation! i know my dawgs as well

  3. The Boise and SC game, and last season hurt Murray. Heisman hype has a lot to do with perceptions and impressions in addition to stats. It starts at the beginning of the season, and any early hiccup hurts an athlete.

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