It’s so Easy, Georgia Tech Edition

Perusing the interwebs today, I caught this little diddy at the Georgia Tech SB Nation website.  It focused on each coach in the SEC and what it would take for each coach to be removed from his current position ultimately leading to the downfall of the SEC stranglehold on college football.  Here’s what the author had to say about Mark Richt:

Mark Richt, georgie — In my honest, completely unbiased college football fan opinion, I think it’s only a matter of time before Richt is out in Athens. The amount of talent that they pull in is really not far from that of Alabama, and the inconsistent success they’ve had there, to me, is a reflection of very poor coaching. Last year most georgie fans would tell you that we were the best team they beat, which is less than impressive considering I will readily admit that they’re at a solid talent advantage. All it will take to unseat Mark Richt will be one or two “down” recruiting years, a couple losses to Tech (emphasis added), and a few 2nd- and 3rd-place finishes in the division before he will be out of Athens.

Grammar issues aside, which one of those potential downfalls do you see as as least likely to happen?  I swear, you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried.

2 responses to “It’s so Easy, Georgia Tech Edition

  1. Since you said the was from a a Tech SB W site, it has no validity. Any answer does not matter because any opinion from a NAT han ZERO value and VALIDITY. None of us care or place ANY vale in their opinions!!

  2. None of them.

    (1) Georgia is the # 2 state for recruits in-state who go on to the NFL. Georgie tek certainly doesn’t compete for ANY of them, ranking # 39 in recruiting for 2013 after consecutive # 52 recruit rankings for Paul Johnson his entire time at Georgie tek – the # 36 national university like someone really runs around bragging about being # 36 or # 39 at ANYTHING. Is Georgie tek expected to do anything about our recruiting when yes Mark Richt has averaged the # 2 best recruiting in the nation for his 11 seasons to-date with the MOST NFL DRAFT SELECTIONS in the entire nation. No. So, what is their hope over on the flats where they have beat Mark Richt but 1 time in 11 tries to-date ? No hope in unseating us in recruiting. We’re a top 10 nationally recruiting ranking all 11 years, averaging # 7 which is the 2nd best in the nation, and he predicts this will be Mark Richt’s downfall ? Uh, no. Had he addressed the attrition of 33 of Mark Richt’s current 109 scholarships he signed to play for him, that might have had some validity. On his points, you say he covered on his blog presented for us – and thank you for that – there is no hope he can expect on our recruiting dropping off. In fact, since we only have 76 of the 109 scholarships Mark Richt signed still on the roster, we have 9 then who could come in early mid-season December and 25 more in February. Be hard to expect Mark Richt with those openings, to fill up his entire recruiting commitments with all 3-star players, which is all Georgie tek can ever hope for at the top end.

    (2) 3rd or 4th place finish in The SEC East. Face it, The SEC East is WAY DOWN and has been. Is Florida or are the vols, or for that matter is even South Carolina a better team than UGA, given our schedule of 1 team who achieved any top 25 poll ? None have any hope of a better record than us; certainly he could admit that, as the pollsters have been telling him that we’re # 6 pre-season as a result of them looking at our schedule and saying oh 13-1, one loss at the most. Now, he had addressed 2013 instead and said after 2012, Mark Richt might lose 12 Defensive Stars to the NFL, and then faces LSU and Alabama 2013 without Defense, still no special teams, and still issues on Offense with not 1 single Phil Steele 1st team All-SEC pre-season Offensive player 2012 – then, again, perhaps some validity; but, alas again, he missed that point too from what I see of what you said he said.

    (3) A Couple of Losses to Georgie tek, when he is 10-1 against them ? Delusional given his accurate assessment of Mark Richt’s recruiting talent a full star higher than Georgie tek all 11 seasons and 2013 again, the same. Think I will just write what if Mark Richt loses to lowly Georgie tek SEVERAL TIMES who hasn’t won a bowl game the entire Mark Richt era and has beat Mark Richt once in 11 tries. to what if their 1-10 record vs him. No way.

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