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A Few Thoughts in Early March

I’ve really got to get better at this posting regularly around here thing. However, I changed jobs at the beginning of the new year and now have some more time to contribute to the cause around here. Hopefully I’ll be active enough to contribute material that is meaningful to discussion around UGA topics and college football in general. With all that said, here are a few things just bouncing around my head on this Monday morning:

  • Perhaps I’ll save the longer rant on this for another post at a later time, but who in their right mind believes that a playoff without the team that stomped the ever-living crap out of LSU on January 9th (since it seems señor Sam the Eagle and Larry Scott believe that the soon-to-be Plus One should be comprised only of conference champs) would legitimately be considered an effort at crowning the best team in college football?
  • Following up on my first point above. Dude…DUDE…You wrote an entire damned book espousing the idea that a playoff system had to include conference champions as it “maintained the integrity and relevancy of the regular season”. Now you say that a playoff system that includes conference champions over a non-conference champion such as Alabama would make the regular season less relevant? Consistency, thy name is not Dan Wetzel (h/t: Senator).
  • I particularly like the news coming out of Athens regarding Isaiah Crowell from his teammates, and I agree pretty strongly with these words from Artie Lynch:

“The person I’ve been most impressed with — and the person who I think has been wrongly scrutinized the whole year — was Isaiah,” Lynch said. “You ask these high expectations out of a kid who’s 18 years old, it’s such a different game than high school. Let’s face it, he had instant success and people were so demanding of him to be the savior, this idea of `Oh, the next Herschel.’ That was just unfairly [placed on] him. . . .

  • We’ll never know the extent of Crowell’s ankle injury and how much it truly hurt him to try to tough it out. I certainly struggled adjusting to the college life my first semester away from home and I never had to endure everything I did being scrutinized by a million different people. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for him. I personally believe his ankle never really was healthy the last half of the season last year and we’ll see a world of difference this fall after a full offseason in the conditioning program and having endured a full season playing big boy football. I expect we’ll see big things from him next season.
  • Losing the Auburn game annually would probably be enough to make me stop caring about college football the same way I don’t really have a passionate interest in the NFL and college basketball anymore. I suppose baseball could get me through the year, but with the new playoff format I’m already having my doubts. Basically, don’t screw this up for us SEC president’s and AD’s. Please step back from seeing all the $$’s in your eyes and try to remember what made your commodity so valuable in the first place. I assure you it has nothing to do with entering the Dallas and St. Louis TV markets.
  • On that same note, the 9 game conference schedule is going to happen at some point. The coaches can go suck on an egg and stop whining about it. They sound just like the Jim Boeheim’s of the world who want the NCAA tournament to expand to 128 teams so that there is little to no chance they would ever miss it ensuring perpetual job security.

Some clarification

I received an email from a Florida State fan in regards to this comment I made the other day:

Obviously, there are changes that are likely to happen this year.  It does no good to make a fire sale right now.  I know many people want Willie Martinez’s head on a stick, but what good does firing him now?  It’s not like the defense is going to turn into a bunch of world-beaters overnight.  I do believe that this prediction made by some guy is going to turn out very untrue now:

Willie Martinez will still be the defensive coordinator come opening day in 2010 .

One disturbing thought has crossed my mind about this today.  I fear that if that prediction does come true, it may be time to make another prediction:

Mark Richt will not be the head coach at the University of Georgia come opening day in 2011.

The Florida State fan seemed struck by my comment and I wanted to clarify that I am in no way endorsing the firing of Mark Richt.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The point of my comment was that I believe that right or wrong, if Willie Martinez is still manning the DC position of the Georgia Bulldogs in 2010, things probably aren’t looking too good for Mark Richt at that point.

I want Mark Richt to stay in Athens as long as he wants.  Frankly, I’d like for Willie Martinez to be able to stay in Athens as long as he wants.  I’ve met Coach Martinez and he seems like a wonderful guy.  Obviously, it’s never easy to fire someone, nevertheless someone that is a good friend of yours that you’ve known for 20+ years.  The point of my comment was not that I hope Mark Richt is gone in 2011.  The point is that should he hitch his job security to the performance of Willie Martinez in 2010, I don’t think his job security looks very good.  That’s all I meant by it.

On another topic, those of you that are flaming our players via Twitter, Red & Black, blogs, or whatever need to get a life.  Mike and Bernie have excellent posts up regarding this and I hope that this silliness stops.  These are still 18-22 year old college kids playing a game for free.  If you want to criticize someone, throw it at the coaches who get paid large amounts of money to endure that criticism.  Joe Cox shouldn’t have to hide his face because he wants to go out and eat a pizza and is afraid that someone might come up to take a verbal jab at him.  Grow up, people.  Whether this team is 8-0 or 4-4, it’s still great to be a Georgia Bulldog and these kids work their tails off to provide you a few hours of entertainment every Saturday.  The least you can do is lay off.

Just a quick thought

I was having a conversation with a friend earlier today about this and saw this line that made me just go “Huh??”:

Calipari didn’t arrange Rose’s SAT scam, in the same way he didn’t arrange agent payments to Camby, but in both cases it’s hard to fathom that Calipari was 100 percent ignorant of what was going down. He had far too much at stake in Rose and Camby to not be intimately aware of what was going on in their lives. Even if you’re convinced that Cal is a victim — that it was only a coincidence that two major scandals happened on his watch — you can’t deny that he profited immensely from his illicit use of those two stars.


So Calipari is at fault because he profited from having two immensely talented basketball players that made stupid decisions on his teams and that makes him slimy or a villain?

Look, I understand that people always want to blame the coach and could never fathom that kids could make stupid decisions on their own (I will attest that I made many stupid decisions during my five years in Athens).  The ultimate reality is that Calipari had nothing to do with either of these situations.  In the end, he is paid millions of dollars to do one thing: win basketball games.  Perhaps did he take on guys with questionable backgrounds?  Maybe.  Is that worth labeling the guy as dirt or scum of the earth as guys like John Kincade on Buck and Kincade have been doing?  Absolutely not.

What happened to the concept of personal responsibility?  Derrick Rose chose to allow someone to fraudulently take his SAT exam.  Marcus Camby chose to accept cash, jewelry, and hookers from agents while at UMass.  Just because you’re an 18-21 year old athlete doesn’t preclude you from making stupid decisions.  Calipari is being unfairly singled out here and I challenge the media drivel out there to take a step back and question what the kids did, not what Calipari should have known or done.

Good thing SEC football starts soon

Otherwise, how would ESPN fill the 23 hours a day that have been devoted to this story for the last three years?